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Samples Business Letters’ mission is to help individuals and independent business owners craft the perfect business letter for their needs. We have a collection of sample business letters for our audience to use and tweak to their liking.

We are looking for articles that are related to the business world, specifically about how individuals and independent business owners can expand their connections and client/audience reach. If you think you are well-versed in this topic area or is interested enough that you can craft a compelling article for us, then don’t hesitate to send us a pitch or a complete article using our contact form.

How to Submit a Pitch or Article

For us to consider your pitch or article, fill out our contact form and send it to us with the following:

  • Your name
  • Your social media profile links
  • Your website (if applicable)
  • A short bio of yourself – we’ll publish it at the bottom of each article you submit to us that gets accepted and that goes live. You can include up to two of your social media profile links and one website link, all of which will have a nofollow attribute.
  • Links to your previously published works (the more, the better, but not necessary)
  • Your pitch or article
    • If you are sending a pitch, tell us why this is a good addition to our content

What Kind of Article Are We Looking For

We are primarily looking for articles that can help our audience expand their connections and reach a wider market. Our primary audience is people looking for business letter templates, so they are also highly interested in articles about how to find companies to pitch their products and services to, individuals and partners.

What to Do After Submitting a Pitch or an Article

Once you submit a pitch or an article, expect up to three business days before getting a reply from us. We will always send you an email notifying you whether your submission was accepted or not.

We believe in second chances so, we’ll give you up to three chances within a month to submit a pitch or article if you got rejected, after that, we will ignore any submissions from you for 3 months before we consider your submissions again.

If you got accepted, one of our editors will work with you to polish your article, if it is an article or to help you construct your article if its a pitch.

Once everything is ready, we will schedule it for publication. We’ll notify you of the set date.

After the article is published, we expect you to share the article link to your social media accounts, your website, your colleague and to as many platforms as you can.

We look forward to your submissions!